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Welcome to! 2nd generation, first edition sets are now available and are limited to one per variation/arrangement. An HD image gallery will be available once all photography is completed. Custom orders are available.



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Right-Handed Helix Arrangement
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Similar to the Large Blues Bass, but uses 5 tubes and easily fits inside small cars.


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Right-Handed Wedge Arrangement

Uses additional tubes that are never struck fill up the empty space in a Single-Tier.

The Witness: 2018

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A special first edition Halloween inspired set. Limited to 1 per year.


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Left-Handed Wedge Arrangement

If you've studied your Floyd properly, you'd know that pigs can fly.


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Double-Tier Blues

The result of 2 Single-Tier sets that have interlocked to combine forces. Includes 2 lower and 3 higher notes in the scale.


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Left-Handed Helix Arrangement

Striking 2 notes at once similar to a 12 string guitar, the 2nd note is an octave higher than the 1st.

Split Double-Tier

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Split Double-Tier

All 10 notes from a Double-Tier set split into opposing Single-Tier sets and sold together as a pair.

Large Blues Bass

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Right-Handed Wedge Arrangement
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The original model that started it all.


Under development for over 5 years, every detail has been carefully designed and handcrafted to bring you the absolute best wind chime that I can make. The lower support ring which comes standard with every set prevents tube to tube contact and guarantees that your set will never annoy or terrify you when a storm blows through in the middle of the night. Custom orders are available and can include tubes up to 20 feet long.

Installation Instuctions

    These instructions apply to all but the Large Blues Bass.
  1. Anchor a hook capable of holding 50lbs, preferably in a vertical position.
  2. Open the top end of the box and use the cord to hang everything (box and all) from the hook you installed.
    • For shorter sets, pull down on the box to remove it.
    • For longer sets, carefully use a box cutter length-wise along a corner and remove the box.
  3. Cut rubberbands and remove packing material.
  4. Turn the anchored hook to face the set forward.
  5. Give the set a gentle tug to pull everything straight and make any final adjustments.

Build Details and Other Minutia

Late 2018 brings a massive update to all sets but the Large Blues Bass along with several new models. Tubes are no longer dyed, and come with a very nice finish. Support rings which used to be powder coated steel are now aluminum and match the tubes. The hanging ring is also now made of aluminum, and it too, matches the finish. The first set of each variation is marked as a first edition and all sets are hand engraved/signed on the top of the upper most support ring.

Tubes and rings start as raw tube material and are surface finished by hand. The tubes are usually tuned to an accuracy of +/- 2Hz or less using a note selection based on the Am blues scale, among others.

All aluminum parts are clear coat anodized to protect the finish. Use mild soap and water if you feel the need to clean them.

Dyed sets require more equipment than I'm willing to use. That being said, I can send them out for additional cost if you would like a dyed set.

The polyester Dacron cord I use is rated for up to 15 years of direct UV exposure and offers the highest available resistance to stretch and abrasion. Additional armoring is provided where needed on the Large Blues Bass and Harmony sets.

Strikers are typically made of rubber coated wood, but a coated quartz bead is also sometimes used when more weight is required. The Large Blues Bass uses solid rubber. Additional hardware is made of nickel plated stainless steel.

The sail (AKA wind catcher) is a recyled hard disk drive platter which is made of aluminum and plated with platinum. I protect it from fingerprints with a flat clear coating that will not yellow under sunlight.

Future plans for additional models include bar sets and using stainless steel cable in place of all Dacron cording, along with a wider variety of note selections. Please follow the social media links below to stay up to date on new and special releases!

I'd like to thank Lee Hite ((617) 645-4473) and Chuck's Chimes ((786) 337-2051) for the wealth of information they've published on the subject of making chimes. If you are thinking you'd like to make your own set, I highly recommend you check them out. A special thanks goes to Brandt at Renaissance Fine Art Supplies ( for his help with photography post-production.


Custom orders/questions

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