(I sang that in my head to “Learning to Fly” by Tom Petty) I know! I’m not posting reno stuff – BOO! But I wanted to add in another renovation/improvement to the to do list – the blog! Well, more to the point, getting better at blogging. So I am applying to be apart of […]

(406) 266-2982

It is a big number. Some days it feels like a crazy huge mountain, and all I want to do is sink into a bag of chips and some beer. It’s going to be SOOOOOO worth it though… to NOT give into that. The hunger and cravings I feel today won’t be what I remember. […]


It was the first year since I began noticing them that Neil Gaiman didn’t write a â€œNew Year’s Wish”. Which at first made me a bit sad, but then, when I thought about it/reread some of his past year’s wishes, got me thinking I should write my own.  With that, here is my wish for myself […]

Renovating me

Like a house, a body is constantly a work in progress. Constantly. Whether it is a mental upgrade or a physical one, there is always work to be done – and that is such a good thing, it means you’re really living!  I was chatting with a friend/client yesterday and she asked me what my […]

The Fireplace… part deux

Missed the first installment of the fireplace?  Click here to read it So right on the heels of my last post came getting the fireplace in. Mr J was busy building in his Workshop of Wonders (not to be confused with the bedroom) and sent me pictures of his progress. Because he is adorable and […]

Christmas is coming so let’s build a fireplace!

Here we are at the end of November – a month until the fat man shows up and we are gearing up for full on Christmas decorating! And nothing adds to the festivities like a little construction! I know nothing relaxes my Dad more than seeing a bunch of projects not completed, so as he […]

The Bath – an exercise in sheer determination

It has been a long time coming. And still there are final pieces to the room (mirror, door trim and a towel bar), but I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have learned. Also renovating is a long game. Unless you hire pros to come in and […]

We’re all “Doing the things” aka BUSY.

“Busy” has become this word that, as much as we all are, you just don’t want to say. Saying you’re busy is tantamount to saying you’ve piled too much shit on yourself and are teetering on overwhelm.  At best. If you google it, you will see things like: 21 Reasons Why You Should not be […]

Mother/Daughter Father’s Day birdhouse

I missed mother’s day at the school with Gigi – work steam rolled over me and I missed it. Luckily, an amazing friend (Thanks C!!) jumped in and made a beautiful teapot with her. I’m sure I will carry that guilt (and many other nuggets) with me to the grave. That said, I wasn’t going […]