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The right to vote is not about politics or the outcome of elections. It is about equality and justice.

Ten ways you can help defend democracy

The General Election is on November 6. Check the voter guide for candidate information on BeReadyToVote.org and Vote411.org. It is easy.


The Problems With Plastic November 17, 2018 - 10:15 AM Tryon Library, 1200 Langley Ave. Dr. Enid Sisskin, chair of the Natural Resources Committee, will be the featured speaker at the November 17 monthly League meeting. She received her PhD from Columbia University, worked at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences as a researcher, Everglades National Park as a Resource specialist, and as a Lecturer at the University of West Florida. Enid developed the Eco-Minute, a daily feature of WUWF Radio, to remind the community of ways to protect and improve the local environment.

Prison Kids: A Crime Against America's Children
November 12, 5:30 pm Bowden Building 120 Church St
The League Juvenile Justice Committee, Southern Poverty Law Center and the NAACP are presenting the documentary, "Prison Kids: A Crime Against Americas Children", at the Bowden Building, 120 Church St on Nov. 12, 5:30 pm. "Prison Kids" looks deep into the broken U.S. Juvenile Justice system. The United States incarcerates more children than any other developed nation and Florida incarcerates more children than any other state. The film looks at the stories of a couple of kids being broken by the system. It also spotlights a couple of places where system managers get it right, one in Florida and one in Louisiana. A panel will discuss how this problem is being handled locally.
A light supper will be provided. For more information, contact Paula Montgomery, montpns@aol.com, 850-438-8891

The Latest Newsletter: The November Voter

Gun Safety Study Committee reports here.

League In Action The LWV Florida board examined the 2018 Constitutional Amendments on the November ballot. The League positons are here.


January 3rd presentation by Dr. Carol Weissert: Overview of the Florida Constitution Revision Commission. 713-336-7680


Watch the Go See Tour at the ECUA Recycling facility on YouTube here.

Girl Scouts from Troop 838 present the flag at the General Meeting September 16.

In honor of Women's Equality Day, 22 League members held a Silent Protest on Saturday, August 26. Signs with messages of issues of concern to women and equality were displayed. The red robes and white bonnets are a part of the story in "The Handmaid's Tale". Additional pictures are found in the (269) 683-1613 and on LWVPBA facebook page. There will be additional silent protests in the future. Watch for time and places.

League Opposes Koback Request for Voter Records. 4345954318. (6/30/2017)

Citing Potential "constitutional crisis", LWVF and Common Cause ask court to tell Governor he can't appoint more Justices.The Florida Supreme Court is being asked to avoid a ptential 'constitutional crisis' and affirm that Gove. Rick Scott does not have the authority to appoint jdges whose terms epire on the same day he leaves office in 2019. antidiffuser.

Considerations for proposed rules for Constitution Revision Commission - LWV of Florida and 14 other partner organizations submitted a letter to the Rules Working Group of the Constitution Revision Commission. Read it here.

The League Sends Memo to U.S. Senate Regarding Healthcare that need to be provided for any forthcoming legislation on healtcare. The League maintains that any legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act must include eleets to cover preventive care, pre-existing condition, support funding for Medicaid and must not discriminate aganst women. Read League statement on Senate Health Care Bill here.

Supreme Court ruled that North Carolina lawmakers used racial considerations to draw congressional districts following the 2010 Census. This decision is a major win in the battle for fair districts and the League is proud to have filed an amicus brief with the Campaign Legal Center in this case. Illegal gerrymanders have now been struck down in 5 states: Alabama, Florida, Texas, Virginia and now North Carolina. 7736730686.

League statement on Trump's "Elections Integrity Commission" - The LWV president, Cris Carson, responds to reports that Preident Trump will announce an election commission to investigate false claims of widespread voter fraud in American elections. Read more here.

LWV Opposes Ryan Healthcare Repeal Bill - Statement on the House Leadership's proposed "Americam Health Care Act." 403-484-6551

League Statement on Immigration - The League of Women Voters is oposed to deportation of non-criminal undocumented immigrants. Read here.

Take Action

LWV Opposes Termination of EAC in Appropriation Bill.LWV strongly urges the House Apropoiations Committee not to terminate the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) in the Financial Services Appropriation Bill, HR 115. 405-525-1912. (6/29/2017)

Repeal of the Affordable Care Act will leave millions of Americans uninsured and in poor health. We fought hard for these rights and protetions and we cannot go backwards. Tell your Senators to oppose repeal of the ACA. Call the Capitol Switchboard (202 224-3121) and tell your Senators that the Better Care Recomcilliation Act of 2017 is not worthy of tthis great nation. While Senators for Florida are home for the 4th of July holiday, see their contact information here. Read More...

Take action now! League leads Florida coalition to prevent gun violence. Join us! The Florida Cloalition to Prevent Gun Violence, lead by the LWV Florida, was formed in the wake of the June 12th massacre of Pulse nightclub in Orlano. Read more...

December New Report Tracks History & Impact of Florida's Strict Criminal Disenfranchisement Law. The following link leads to a latest report by the Brennan Center for Justice regarding the restoration of former felons voting rights in Florida.

League in the News

Three Facts About School Arrest in Escambia's Prison Pipeline. Compilied Dr. Amir Whitaker, Skouthern Poverty Law Center Attorney. Source: Florida Department of Juvenile Justice data. Read it 470-893-2370

Latest Update: "Redistricting in Florida", what you need to know. 5808476825








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