Make time tracking easy with this innovative app

Automatic clocking in and out makes tracking a breeze

Data in cloud

Schedules can be entered in Google Calendar or similar apps. Any changes update in the app automatically.

Exclusive design

Sleek interface makes this app beautiful and easy to use. Customization options available on request.

Automated Communication

This app alerts you when the schedule changes, and has preset options for reaching out to request time off.

24/7 support

We work whenever you do. Submit a ticket if something goes wrong and we’ll get things back on track ASAP!

Manage everything
in one place

Weekly, monthly and custom calendars, plus messaging. All at your fingertips.

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Track Your Stats to
Improve Performance

On time percentage, overtime per week, and other vital data. Take the guesswork out of calculating how much you work.

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Amazing Features

We've got a lot of amaing and cool features.

Made with Love

Carefully crafted and coded by hand. A digital product with a human touch.


Accurate tracking and timekeeping based on location. A punchcard for the modern age.

Send Messages

Preset options and in-app chat help ensure communication flows smoothly.

Save Time

Time spent fiddling with clocking in and out is annoying, inefficient, and a thing of the past.

Save Money

Wasting time on scheduling costs money. Getting it wrong is expensive. Save some green and some trouble.

Schedule with Ease

Automatic updates let everyone know when they work. In-app chat streamlines shift changes. Easy, right?

Why We're the Best

We've included everything in this app for a truly automated experience. Other options might allow clock-ins, but they're clunky, bloated, and still require manual entry. We want to ensure everyone's accounted for as soon as they arrive at work. Effortlessly.

How It Works

First, it pulls your schedule from Google Calendar or other integrated apps. Then, it utilizes location tracking to note when you walk into your workplace, and checks you in automatically. While manual updates are available, most users find the automatic check-ins to be very accurate.


Our awesome app screenshot gallery here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Information Station

Question: Is this app always tracking my location?

Ans: It automatically turns on tracking 10 minutes before the shift from the calendar starts and ends whenever you leave the building. The window of tracking time can be adjusted manually if desired.

Question: How does the chat work?

Ans: Very similar to other messaging apps. You can set up group texts, or reach out to people in your company directory when necessary.

Question: What happens to the data collected?

Ans: All data is stored securely in the cloud. While it may be accessed by an employer to better inform company policy based on recent trends, it is never viewed by our organization directly or sold to third parties.