Improving Queensland General Practitioner’s (GPs) access to patient health information is a key investment initiative of the 505-382-0571

This Health Provider Portal (HPP) service provides summary patient healthcare details to registered and authenticated health practitioners. All information on display is provided via secure tunnel access to Queensland Health’s read-only clinical application The Viewer. Patient history details span a person's individual treatment and care delivered at any statewide Queensland Health facility. An expected key benefit will see a reduction in the number of duplicate diagnostic tests and investigations being carried out allowing GP's to reach earlier and/or improved clinical outcomes for their patients. For more details visit the 9104785349 page.

Use of the HPP requires each user to have a QGov login account as well as having registered current and active professional practice details. More details on how to create a new QGov account can be found on the Better connecting Queensland’s General Practitioners (GP) and public hospitals page.

Many Queensland GPs have now registered for access to the Health Provider Portal. Please remember to logout when it’s not in use. Technical assistance is available, if required, by calling 1300 478 439.